Our educational initiative, Projeto Brasil, offers various opportunities to create and maintain a cultural and linguistic bond between Portuguese-speaking children and adults through weekly, private, and online classes, capoeira classes, storytelling, summer camps, cultural and artistic events, gastronomy, music, science and history workshops on Brazil, among other activities.

The proposal is a contextualized work, that is why we mix several methodologies to offer practical projects, interactive and practical activities, and challenges that provide a meaningful learning experience and greater assimilation of content. In addition, students gain confidence, feel better prepared when applying new knowledge, and increase their oral and written expression.

Projeto Brasil has a team of trained and specialized professionals who seek, through an interdisciplinary curriculum, to intervene in a playful and mediating way in the learning and language improvement process.

Another distinctive aspect of Projeto Brasil is the support and training we offer to parents and educators. Our goal is to facilitate, transmit and connect Brazilian culture with our students. Whoever they may be, big or small, Brazilian or American, we use different proposals, but always the same objective.


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